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November 23, 2010Health News You Can Use

Texas Physical Therapy Specialists Reveal Why Stretching Before Exercise Can Lead to Injury

Ask almost any physical therapist, athletic trainer, or sports medicine physician if someone should stretch before exercise, and they would respond with a resounding “Yes” in most cases. However, if asked for proof that doing so is actually helpful, this individual would be hard pressed to show research that supports this claim. In fact, recent studies have shown that stretching alone does not help prevent injury. Physical therapists at Texas Physical Therapy Specialists (TexPTS) are trained to use the latest scientific evidence, rather than myths couched as conventional wisdom, to educate patients and provide the best possible outcomes.

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November 4, 2010Health News You Can Use, Real People Seeing Real Results

Texas Physical Therapy Specialists Is The Best Low Cost Solution To Rising Health Care Costs

The Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine recently reports a large jump in the number of treatments and tests for back pain. This study reports a 629% increase in Medicare expenditures for epidural steroid injections from 1994 to 2001; a 423% increase in expenditures for opioids for back pain from 1997 to 2004; a 307% increase in the number of lumbar magnetic resonance images among Medicare beneficiaries from 1994-2004; and a 220% increase in spinal fusion surgery rates from 1988 to 2000. At the same time, the studies do not show an increase in the number of patients with back pain or improvements in patient outcomes. Physical therapists at Texas Physical Therapy Specialists provide effective and non- invasive treatments for patients with back pain, often at a lower cost.

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