TexPTS Provides Concussion Identification For Youth Hockey League

New app lets hockey moms test their own kids for concussions, KENS5 reports

(San Antonio – November 19, 2011)

Information courtesy of KENS5.com.  To see the full story, complete with video, please visit http://www.kens5.com/story/local/2015/02/22/11074919/.

Coaches and parents can now check their kidfor possibleconcussions with a pre-testing program and their phones.

The Rampage, a youth hockey team, is one of the first to use the program called the Impact Test.Texas Physical Therapy Specialists has made available a new program that compares preseason results.

If a hockey player does get a hard hit the program can compare results to the test taken at the beginning of the year to determine if further examinations are needed.

Sometimes ice hockey can get pretty physical, and there s some checking involved.And I just want to make sure if anything does happen that they have that background where they can look back and see if they do have a concussion or not, said Lisa Mercier.

Mercier’s two sons got checked out this week.

Both play youth hockey. They know they have to pass these tests before they can get back out on the ice.

I love hockey. So it s kind of hard to think that if I don t pass this test I can t play anymore. So it s hard, says 12-year-old Larry Mercier.

The program just startedtwo months ago and already theyhave pre-tested about 200 students and players.

Coaches and parent can use their phones on the sidelines to help them determine if they need to take their kids to get tested.

They even have a mobile app for Android and also for the iPhone that folks can refer to in a step-by-step way to say hey if your athlete or your son or daughter are exhibiting these signs, they have likely sustained a concussion, said Jennifer Christie of Texas Physical Therapy Specialists.

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