Month: December 2015

HOLIDAY HEALTH: 6 Tips for Eating Right

1. Substitute. Substitute. Substitute. Use skim milk instead of whole, Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, powdered sugar instead of icing, low-sodium broth, whole-grain bread, and low-fat gravy and cheese. Or why not make green beans without the...

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Soreness vs Pain: What’s the Difference?

There are many benefits to exercise, including the potential for improved physical and mental wellbeing. However, there may also be some physical discomfort associated with these activities due to the stresses placed on the body....

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7 Ways to Stay Healthy When You Spend Your Life at the Office

Between the fluorescent lights, “ergonomic” desk chairs, and perpetually stocked vending machines, working in an office can feel like the complete antithesis of healthy living. Luckily for both your sanity and chances of making it...

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