November 28, 2017Health News You Can Use, TexPTS In The News

TexPTS and Dr. Lauretta featured in MapMyRun Blog Post titled “5 Things Doctors Wish Every Runner Did”

“Nothing can bum a runner out faster than injury. In fact, talking to an injured runner requires a certain finesse so you don’t rub in the fact they are missing out on their cherished training. While you may think you’re doing everything you can to avoid aches, pains and sprains, you may be over- or under-doing it.

“It is important to move through your training program at a slow pace, progressively increasing distance and pace in a stepwise manner all while listening to your body,” explains Anthony Lauretta, DPT and director of the William Cannon clinic at Texas Physical Therapy Specialists. “It’ll tell you if you need to back off to avoid an injury.”

As you learn to listen to your body, there are other things you can do to make sure you stay healthy and approach your training safely. Below, we’ve outlined five things a physical therapist and chiropractor see most often in runners — and what they wish you would do instead.”

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