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About Us

Texas Physical Therapy Specialists (TexPTS) is a private physical therapy practice with 30 locations throughout the state of Texas. We provide hands-on physical therapy based on the newest research and are committed to getting you the best results in fewer visits.

Known for teaching and training physical therapists all over the United States, we take pride in being experts in our field. TexPTS is home to more board certified specialists than any other practice in Texas!

We believe that in order to be truly successful, clinical excellence is not enough. The dedication of our highly trained staff allows us to provide continuously exceptional care through a combination of evidence-based practice, care excellence, and clinical excellence. While our primary goal is to get you healthy and back to the things you love, we also strive to provide a memorable experience for our family of clients through Amazing! Customer Service® and high-quality patient-provider connections with therapists who have been Called to Care®.

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