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The Best First Choice ®

Hi. We’re TexPTS!

We grow with each other. We laugh. We do meaningful work that impacts lives.

We grow!  At  TexPTS we are obsessed with learning and growing.  Why?  Because we want to be the best!  And we know we have to work to be the best.  Being the best is a journey….not a destination. To help you on that journey, we have many structured learning pathways in both clinical and leadership for team members at all levels.  And with that learning and development we have several career growth pathways and opportunities.

We laugh!  YES….we HAVE FUN!  At TexPTS our teams are families. We embrace fun, smiles and laughter in our daily work.  “If you’re not laughin’ you’re not livin’”.  We know that your work is an important part of your life.  Let’s live it!

We impact!  We are the Best First Choice for preventing and managing musculoskeletal and movement disorders.  We care deeply for our patients starting with the first phone call to their last physical therapy session.  When we care we impact lives!

Does this Spark something in you?  See our Spark PassionTM Program for more details.