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Texas Physical Therapy Specialists Reveal Why Stretching Before Exercise Can Lead to Injury

Ask almost any physical therapist, athletic trainer, or sports medicine physician if someone should stretch before exercise, and they would respond with a resounding “Yes” in most cases. However, if asked for proof that doing...

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Texas Physical Therapy Specialists Is The Best Low Cost Solution To Rising Health Care Costs

The Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine recently reports a large jump in the number of treatments and tests for back pain. This study reports a 629% increase in Medicare expenditures for epidural...

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TexPTS Is The Best First Choice For Back Pain, Not Prescriptions

The New York Times recently reports an alarming increase in methadone prescriptions for the treatment of long term back pain, resulting in a shocking increase in methadone related deaths. The amount of money spent on...

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Physical Therapists at Texas Physical Therapy Specialists Aid in Identifying Student Athlete Concussions

In 2010, the Journal of Pediatrics reports that student athlete brain injuries, such as concussions, have increased 70% from 1997-2007. More than one-third of the student basketball players in the same study did not recognize...

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TexPTS Offers Same Outcomes For Sciatica 6 Months After Surgery, Minus The Surgery

A recent study in the British Medical Journal found that patients who had spinal surgery for sciatica only had short term benefits. After 6 months, patients who had surgery felt no different than patients getting...

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