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Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy is an excellent intervention for patients with musculoskeletal problems. Water’s natural buoyancy property decreases impact on joints and provides compression while still promoting movement.   Because of this buoyancy, aquatic therapy provides an opportunity to exercise, gain strength, and re-initiate limb and body movement in a comfortable, low-pressure environment.

TexPTS’ pool, the SwimEx 600T, is a multipurpose pool that can meet the needs of patients with total joint replacements and severe arthritis, as well as those of the recreational and professional athlete. Aquatic therapy equipment can also be used in conjunction with the various workstations to assist with resistance exercise for strengthening. For individuals who need assistance, our pool features a hydrolic lift to allow effortless access in and out of the pool.

Please Note: Aquatic Therapy is only available at our San Marcos clinic.

Who benefits from Aquatic Therapy at TexPTS?

Patients suffering from arthritis, back problems, knee injuries, ankle injuries, and those who have had orthopaedic surgeries are just a few of the many who may benefit from aquatic therapy. Though aquatic therapy is not recommended for certain medical conditions, the vast majority can participate. Swimming experience is not necessary, and removable platforms allow TexPTS therapists to adjust the depth of the pool to customize and tailor a person’s exercise program.