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Breast Cancer & Oncology

Physical therapy has been shown to not only reduce after effects of fatigue and weakness from cancer treatment, but also to improve strength and help patients get back to the things they we able to do prior to cancer treatment.  Physical therapy is also helpful in decreasing the chance of developing lymphedema, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff issues, and posture weakness.

TexPTS’ providers have special training and use evidence-based care to help patients with the following:

  • Post-operative rehabilitation for all cancer related surgeries
  • Exercise instruction to aid with recovery during and after chemotherapy and radiation
  • Lymphedema prevention and management

Clinicians at nine TexPTS locations are now offering post-operative breast cancer rehabilitation appointments, including:

Jamie Reese
Central Park

Anne Cope Leander 512.337.8970

Breanne Riley
Westover Hills

Heather Schorken
Cedar Park

Adriana Salas West Gate 512.892.7337

Alicia Arbaugh

Eleanor Ames
Round Rock

Hilary Smith

Jason Brown Northeast 512.670.3238

Justin Simon
New Braunfels 512.270.2060