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San Antonio - Alamo Heights

  • Beth DeVos

    Beth DeVosPT

    Beth DeVos is the Clinic Director of the San Antonio – Alamo Heights location.

    Beth graduated from Trinity University with a BS in Business Administration and worked as a federal contractor for several years before answering the call to pursue a career in physical therapy. Beth was part of the inaugural South College DPT program and graduated with honors in June 2017. Beth began her physical therapy career as the first Coverage Therapist for the TexPTS south market team. Beth is now the lead therapist at our new clinic in Alamo Heights.

    Beth helped open The Tribe Strength and Conditioning in 2015 and continues to coach group fitness classes with a focus on Olympic weightlifting. Beth loves blending her passion for fitness with the science of physical therapy and has a unique point of view for both training and recovery.

    When she’s not working or coaching, you can find Beth with her husband Brett and three fur babies Eva, Dixie, and Bean. She enjoys traveling and going on adventures with her family and friends. Beth believes that “Every Day is a Win” and she aims to live out this mantra daily.

  • Becky Lawrence

    Becky LawrencePT, DPT, CSCS

    Becky earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Miami, majoring in Exercise Physiology and minoring in Sports Medicine and Psychology. After graduation, her desire for learning led her to pursue a certification in Strength and Conditioning. Upon earning her certification Becky attended the University of Florida where she earned her Doctor of Physical degree. During her time at UF, Becky participated in community service efforts for the under served population of Gainesville, including pro bono treatment of patients with spinal cord injuries. An avid traveler, Becky has had the opportunity to visit Hong Kong for a cultural and professional exchange program with rehabilitation specialists from all over the globe.

    Becky believes in empowering her patients through movement and encourages patients to become advocates for their specific health care needs on the road to recovery. She is passionate about delivering skilled physical therapy that is both evidence-based and catered to each individual.

    Born and raised on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten, Becky brings a unique dynamic to the Alamo Heights clinic. In her spare time, she prioritizes quality time with loved ones and tries to return to the sweet island life as much as possible. She is an active person and believes that “the only workout you regret is the one that you don’t do!” Becky enjoys Olympic weightlifting, hot yoga, and getting outside as much as possible.

  • Tyler Tracy

    Tyler TracyDPT

    Dr. Tyler J. Tracy earned his undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology from Texas State University.  After graduation, he worked as a government investigator for several years before pursuing a career in physical therapy.  He later attended graduate school at Texas State University and earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy.  He is currently furthering his education in the Manual Therapy Certification program through Evidence in Motion and is working toward becoming an Orthopedic Certified Specialist (OCS).

    Tyler believes that the best healthcare is delivered relationally and that ideal treatment is both evidence based and individualized to each client’s unique, functional goals.  He has a passion for people, and strives to create a therapeutic alliance with each client he serves.

    Tyler’s wife, Carissa, is also a physical therapist who practices in the pediatric setting.  Together, they have been blessed with two beautiful children, Jonah and April.   Tyler loves a good brainteaser, is an avid sports fan, a terrible golfer, and a travel junkie.