Workplace Injuries

At TexPTS, our physical therapists are workplace injury specialists. We deliver hands—on manual physical therapy to treat back, knee, ankle, and shoulder injuries due to falls, slips, lifting, and twisting.

Using a national database of over 6 million physical therapy patient visits we can predict each injured worker’s duration and outcome of care, a powerful tool to help employers effectively plan for lost work time, restricted duty, and expected costs.

[email protected] Provides:

  • Injured worker services when an employee has an orthopedic injury and needs to return to the job healthy, quickly, and cost effectively. At TexPTS, we guarantee each worker will receive our gold-star treatment. Our orthopedic services include:
    • Acute Injury Treatment
    • Chronic Injury Treatment
  • Employment exams, when you need to be sure an employee can physically do the job at select locations. These include:
    • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)
    • Work Simulation/Work Conditioning
    • Job Analysis/Job Coaching
    • Fit For Duty Testing
  • FitForWork when you want to totally prevent your employees from needing expensive medical care.

Go the TexPTS Way And:

  • Save your company thousands of dollars in healthcare costs and get your injured worker better, faster.
  • Reduce your company’s reserve allocations.
  • Improve your loss run reports.

We’ll see your injured worker within 24 hours of referral at one of our clinics, conveniently located near your office. A personal TexPTS expert will be assigned to your worker’s case and will stick with your injured worker throughout the course of their treatment. We will use the latest evidence and a variety of proven methods to treat your injured worker to get them back on the job faster and feeling better than ever.

For over a decade, we’ve consistently achieved a reduction in costs of 50% or more for every client, every time. We have a wide range of experience in varied industries and serve both new and established companies.

To learn how we can provide individual and innovative development plans that have a measurable impact in cutting costs or enhancing your current programs, send us an email at [email protected].

Free Screen on Us

We offer complimentary screens at all TexPTS locations. If you’ve been dealing with a nagging injury or persistent pain, don’t wait any longer.


Here’s what some of our patients had to say...

Courteous staff, excellent PTs, flexible scheduling. I highly recommend TexPTS. Excellent outcome with my shoulder therapy. Injuries happen; when anyone in my family needs a PT in the future, they’re headed to TexPTS!

five stars Brett B. TexPTS Patient

The therapy I have received at Texas Physical Therapy Specialists is first rate in every regard. The entire team is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and compassionate. I have already made significant improvement in just three weeks.

five stars Laurie G. TexPTS

I have had a great experience with everyone at Texas Physical Therapy Specialists. Such a friendly, laid back, and encouraging environment. They are on top of their game, and you can tell by the way they greet patients, work with them, and manage their team.

five stars Rebecca S. TexPTS Patient

The folks at TexPTS are caring, thoughtful, and very professional. They truly care about your injury and want you to get better! I would recommend them highly to anyone in need of physical therapy!

five stars Bill F. TexPTS Patient

The therapists, are very nice, friendly, knowledgeable, and encouraging. Their assistants and the office staff are equally as nice and friendly. The facility is clean and spacious. All this together makes for a very pleasant rehab experience!

five stars Carol N. TexPTS Patient

Let us help solve your Workplace Injury needs.

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